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Sunday Services


During the month of September, our service theme is “OUR UU CONGREGATION.”

Our services will reflect that overall theme, and we would like the settings to do the same.  There will be a “continual setting” during the month, which is best described as a setting that we add to each Sunday.  Because our theme is “Our UU Congregation,” we are asking congregants to participate in the settings by bringing something that has significance to you, reflects you, or somehow represents you, and adding those items to the settings.  Please be prepared to participate in creating the setting on Sunday, September 3rd and 10th during the service.  Congregants are also welcome to bring items and place them on the setting either prior to service or afterwards.  The final setting should be overflowing with items that, taken as a whole, serve to reflect our congregation.


Sunday, September 3  -  Rev. Karen Mars

10:30 AM Service:  “It's All About Us”

No matter what brought us to UUCGT or what our background is, no matter how alike or diverse we find ourselves, it is the spirit of Congregation and how we feel about each other that keeps us here.  This will be a time to think about what is most important to us in our lives.


Sunday, September 10  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Amanda Mangiardi

10:30 AM Service:  “Homecoming and Resumption Sunday!”

Join us for a most cherished UUCGT tradition:  Resumption Sunday!  Beloved hymns and inspirational readings to start our new program year off right!  We are a community of seekers.  What are your hopes and dreams for UUCGT?


Sunday, September 17  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Margaret Wozniak

10:30 AM Service:  “Seekers Together, A House for Our Dreams”

Rabbi Chava will share her vision for the future of UUCGT and reflect on the Ministers March on Washington.  We will celebrate and honor our Board of Trustees with a charge to the Board.  Together, we will look forward to the ways UUCGT is and will be the house for our dreams.


Sunday, September 24

  9:00 AM Kick-Off Sunday Morning Lifespan Experience Connections Programs with Coffee & Treats:  “Can We Talk?  Beginning the Dialogue”  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle

10:30 AM Service:  “The Stories of Us”  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Betsy Emdin

We will explore UU related questions from varied perspectives:  Humanist, Buddhist, Theist, Pagan.  As we close our month of exploring what it means to be seekers together, several individuals will be invited to share a taste of their journeys with the community.  What was your journey to us?



Sunday Services


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear,

an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring,

all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

  - Leo Buscaglia


This month we explore listening as a form of communication

9:00 AM Programs to be announced in October Beacon


Sunday, October 1

  9:00 AM Adult LE Connections Program  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Sarah Montgomery-Richards
10:30 AM Service:  “An All Music Celebration!”  -  John Bailey, Hal Gurian


Sunday, October 8

10:30 AM Service:  “Deep Listening”  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Betsy Emdin

This morning we will enjoy some quiet.  The service will feature participatory chants from UU source traditions, silence, and a few words to take us deep into the heart.  New member orientation follows this service.


Sunday, October 15

  9:00 AM Adult LE Connections Program  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Sarah Montgomery-Richards  
10:30 AM Service:  “Listening is a Form of Love”  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle

We will share Selections from Story Corps and the book Listening is an Act of Love.  This service will include our participation in a second nationwide UUA White Supremacy Teach-in.


Sunday, October 22 

10:30 AM Service:  Lay-led with Kathy Booker Graham - Program TBD


Sunday, October 29

  9:00 AM Adult LE Connections Program  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Sarah Montgomery-Richards  
10:30 AM Service:  “Samhain / Day of Remembrance”  -  Rabbi Chava Bahle, Mark Dragovich

Our annual service remembering beloveds - please bring a photo or memento to place on the setting as we remember our beloveds.