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 JULY Theme:  Learning to say an unconditional Yes to our conditioned existence

"Five Things We Cannot Change....and the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them"

July's theme is based on the book by David Richo

This month we will look at the peace and happiness we can find when we embrace some simple realities of life.

  You might enjoy reading the book a chapter per week in July to enhance your worship experience.


Sunday, July 1  -  Margaret Wozniak, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “Everything Changes”

"Everything is impermanent and changing.  We do not have to wish things to be different.  We can align ourselves with the reality we face and say “Yes” to the present moment.  When we say “Yes” to the present moment, we host eternity.”  (David Richo)


Sunday, July 8  -  Andi Kramer, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “But That’s Not What I Planned!”

The focus of this service is on fully embracing life in the face of unexpected change, and continuing to live with deep meaning and conviction.  The service will integrate thoughts from David O. Rankin, Atul Gawande and Forrest Church, and will feature a Teaching titled, "Want What You Have," by Rev. Peter Friedrichs of the Delaware County Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Pennsylvania.


Sunday, July 15  -  Hal Gurian, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “Life is Not Always Fair”

Life is not always fair.  When we acknowledge this, we are called to use tools of restoration, not retribution, in our relationships.  We, as individuals, can set an example for our government of how this can be done.


Sunday, July 22  -  Rev. Jane Lippert

10:30 AM Service:  “Pain is a Part of Life”

To quote Richard Rohr, "If we don't find a way to transform our pain, we will always transmit it to those around us or turn it against ourselves...If your religion is not leading, teaching you how to recognize, hold, and transform suffering, it is junk religion."


Sunday, July 29  -  Hal Gurian, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “People are Not Perfect”

People are not perfect.  When we realize this, we can let go of fear, control, and attachment.  We also realize that we are one of the persons who is not perfect.



 AUGUST Theme:  UU Theology as Related to the Folk Music of the 60’s 


Sunday, August 5  -  Jolynn Paige, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “Life Calls Us On”

This Sunday, we will explore how Life Calls Us On with the music of Pete Seeger.


Sunday, August 12  -  Donna Stein-Harris, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “Troubled Times - Our UU Worldview Through the Music of the 60’s

Join us as we explore our UU worldview through the music of the 60’s.  This week we will focus on how this music expresses our fears, loss, and feelings of unrest and uncertainty.


Sunday, August 19  -  Amanda Mangiardi, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  "Strength for the Journey"

The Strength of the Imperfect Heart - adapted from the UUA General Assembly story by UU President Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray


Sunday, August 26  -  Mark Gustafson, Coordinator

10:30 AM Service:  “So, What Makes a Good Film Anyway?”

This is the subject of Mark Gustafson's Annual Summer Presentation.  Mark has decided to examine the 2017 Oscar nominees in a quest to determine, among other things, whether today's films are tilted toward a particular end of the political spectrum.  Stand by for further insight and details!