Lifespan Experience & Religious Education

“We are resolved to protect individual freedom of belief.  This freedom must include the child as well as the parent.  The freedom for which we stand is not freedom of belief as we please, … not freedom to evade responsibility, … but freedom to be honest in speech and action, freedom to respect one’s own integrity of thought and feeling, freedom to question, to investigate, to try, to understand life and the universe in which life abounds, freedom to search anywhere and everywhere to find the meaning of Being, freedom to experiment with new ways of living that seem better than the old.”

~ Sophia Lyon Fahs, pioneer of Unitarian Universalist Religious Education

UUCGT offers Lifespan Experience opportunities, both social and educational, for all ages. This includes Sunday programming for children and youth.


Registration Forms for Children and Youth

Below you’ll find the required 2016-2017 LE Registration forms for all children and youth (including nursery age children).  Each family needs to complete a new set of forms annually.  Please return the completed forms to Sarah Montgomery-Richards by scanning and emailing to, snail-mail, or dropping off at the church. 
Questions?  Contact Sarah at (231) 947-3117.


2016 - 2017 Registration Packet

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