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Pledge Form

(For the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year -- July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020)
I/We pledge $ to the church for 2019-20.
This is equivalent to $ per month.
Paying your pledge
  • I/We will make payments by check (turned in on Sundays or by mail).

  • I/we would like to make automatic payments, and I/we will contact Business Administrator Sheri Novak ( directly to make arrangements.

  • I/we are paying the full amount up front.

  • I/we will pay through a transfer of appreciated securities and will contact Business Administrator Sheri Novak to make arrangements.

  • Other arrangements; I/we will call Business Administrator Sheri Novak (231-947-3117).

Pledge Worksheet

Your Annual Income You might want to refer to your income tax return (Form 1040)
Total Income, or Adjusted Gross Income: $.
Unusually large medical, college, or other expenses: $.
Pledge Calculator Decide the level of support that feels right to you.

This section allows you to select from below, but you make always hit "Cancel" and enter whatever amount feels right to you.
% Annual Monthly Choose
3% Select
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