Congregational Mission Statement

  • We are a Congregation creating a better world by nurturing the heart and expanding the mind.
  • We provide a safe, caring community where all can freely explore diverse religious thought.
  • We work for justice and equality with the power of compassion and compassionate power.

Our Sunday services begin at 10:30 am.  We offer varied and vibrant services with meaningful ritual, transcendent music, and challenging messages.  Whoever you are, however you move, however you feel or think or believe, whoever you love – you are welcome in this house.  You are invited to join us for coffee, tea, cocoa, and conversation after the Sunday Service and to attend any of our social events.

We build our beloved community by sharing the moments of our lives, large or small events – births, weddings, joys, sorrows, and happenings at home and at work.  Let us share in your life’s moments.

Our congregation is active in our community and our world, engaging in social justice work at home and abroad, and continually working hard toward “justice and equality.”

Living our Unitarian Universalist Principles, we:

  • Welcome all who come here and we assume good intentions.
  • Encourage all voices to speak and willingly listen for understanding.
  • Lift up work for justice and equity in areas including race, gender, and sexuality.
  • Choose responsible participation in the inter-dependent web.
  • Operate democratically in congregational work and decision making.
  • Match passions with service to the congregation
  • Extend compassion to all.