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Check the calendar to see which of our community fellowship activities are currently happening during the Coronavirus Epidemic, some are opportunities to connect through Zoom. You may also wish to check out our Facebook page.

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Safe Harbor group of volunteers
Safe Harbor group of volunteers
Safe Harbor group of volunteers

Rev. Alex’s Coffee Corner

Cathy Harrington

Dear Ones:
It’s that season again––gearing up for our Annual Budget Drive as a congregation! The work and ministry we do together is so important and vital. Each time we gather around to hear testimonials and pledge of our time, talent, and treasure, we are reminded of just how important this place is.

Though, the congregation isn’t the “place” itself. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that the building itself is not the congregation. The community is far beyond just what meets between our four walls. It’s the people who make the community; who dig in, help out, show up, and participate in all of those many ways. Our congregation doesn’t just run on people. We are people. And engagement is at the core of what we do but also who we hope to be for our wider community and world.

To revisit a message I shared with you last year, we often think of congregations as primarily volunteer-led and run. In an article by Rev. Erin Wathen, a Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), she discusses how the term “volunteer” doesn’t apply to a congregation. Volunteering is what you do at organizations or places you don’t feel belong to you. You might volunteer at a soup kitchen or by chaperoning for a school field trip. But volunteering lacks that sense of shared ownership over the outcome. Instead, we offer a ministry of service. To truly and authentically serve is beyond volunteering. It’s what you do in a place that belongs to you; when you are a part of a community you call your own.

As we embark on another Annual Budget Drive, I hope you’ll see this call to connection beyond just that of finances. We understand that times are hard, that there are so many ways to support the ministry of our congregation. We also know that there exists an abundance all around us. Our ministry flows forth from this place of abundance and care. When our cups overflow, we are often surprised with the joy and the wealth of engagement that follows. We’ve even seen this recently with the beyond successful Fall Party and Auction we held in November; how our gathering has now raised over $11,000 in support of UUCGT! Great things happen when we live and move in this place of abundance.

This year’s Budget Drive theme is “Rising With Abundance: Pledging Our Hearts”. May we each feel our service beyond the distance that comes with “volunteering”. May we witness the power and potential of abundance across our shared community. And may we also open ourselves to answering that call of what’s still possible: the question of “To what might I pledge my heart?”.

UUCGT is a community that means so much to us. Let our cups overflow. Let us rise to the challenge and outdo any goal we think is beyond us. I know we can do it.

From your Minister, with deep faith and love,
Reverend Alex Jensen