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Safe Harbor group of volunteers
Safe Harbor group of volunteers
Safe Harbor group of volunteers

Rev. Alex’s Coffee Corner

Cathy Harrington

Holding Faith

My grandfather was a rocket scientist… No really! Working for decades at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he worked on a couple of different missions to space, namely the Voyager probe’s mission to Jupiter. Even to this day, hearing Gustav Holst’s familiar Jupiter from The Planets, gives my mind rich images of fleeting stars and space travel; the long voyage to Jupiter in all of its spectacular grandeur. It reminds me, too, of the first time I got to look through a telescope with my grandfather up at the night sky. The sense of wonder and awe that filled me, taking this all in. I still think, in part, this sense of awe was what moved my grandfather to do this work. I know that it inspired in him a deep, unshakable sense of faith in people; something that, even as a staunch atheist, he could hold faith in!

In thinking about the awe that we are left with looking up at the stars, I can’t help but also notice a similar feeling in times when I’ve looked into the eyes of another person, or felt a real moment of connection. That same sense of mystery and wonder for all that is one’s life, as well as for one’s own place in the collective “life” we live. With all of the pain and suffering in the world, it can be hard to hold onto this faith in one another when so much is going wrong. And yet, right in front of us, within the people we come into contact with in our everyday lives––total strangers, those we love and cherish, old and new friends––we can see the glimmers of that reminder in the eyes and hearts of one another. I know that these glimmers are what my grandfather continued to hold onto, knowing that he could do his own small part in the cosmos to make life better for others.

In such moments like these, we are given a moment to imagine a world quite different: What would life be like to let love lead? To see this same grandeur and magnificence in the eyes of another? To genuinely hold life as a living, sacred encounter with the Holy, as well as the Holy that lies within each of us?

I invite you to think about your own sense of faith in the world: What moves you? Inspires you? Brings you to tears? Enlivens your being? Where do you find yourself turning when all seems lost?

Through this gentle turning, we might rekindle the sparks of a hopeful love for one another and for this shared world. We can still yet find it there, should we only remember to open our eyes.