Current Month Services

Religious Education - Children & Youth Programs

Pre-K - 5th grade and Youth (5th - 8th grade) programs are offered on Sunday mornings. Children in grade 5 may attend the program that is the best match for them. Nursery care for infants through age four is also provided. Due to our Safe Congregation policy, each classroom will have two adults working with the children and youth at all times.


January Theme

Integrity - New Beginnings

Sunday, January 5 - Rev. Cathy Harrington with Karen Casebeer, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Into A New Year"

Take part in a New Year's ritual based on Joanna Macy's Four-Point Spiral:
Point one - Grounding ourselves in gratitude; Point two - Honoring our pain; Point three - Seeing in new ways; and Point four - Going forth.
Celebrate the New Year and a New You!

Sunday, January 12 - Lay-led service with Mary Van Valin and Pam Hendrick, coordinators
10:30 Service: "I Have A Dream"

During this service, we will honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by sharing with the community the dreams of local leaders. Many voices of the community (see below) will join in the music for this service as well. All are welcome!
Voices from our Community on Sunday, January 12
Skip Pruss - former Gov. Granholm’s director of the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth will give his “I have a dream” speech on the environment and climate change.
Gladys Munoz - local leader in Peace and Justice Advocacy, especially with immigrants in our community, will give her “I have a dream” speech on immigration and human dignity.
Jim Olson - life-long protector of the Great Lakes and environmental attorney will give his “I have a dream” speech on the public trust, the hydrosphere and the common good.

Sunday, January 19 - Rev. Cathy Harrington with Hal Gurian, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Walking Together"

Unitarian Universalists do not adhere to doctrine or creed, so what holds us together? Let's explore together.

Sunday, January 26 - Rev. Cathy Harrington with Misty Sheehan, coordinator
10:30 Service: "The Three Questions"

This Sunday the message will focus on Mission & Vision. Who were we? Who are we? Who do we want to become?



February Theme

Resilience - Seeds of Change and Hope

Sunday, February 2 - Rev. Cathy Harrington with Richard Miller, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Resilience"

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” ~ Maya Angelou

Sunday, February 9 - Rev. Cathy Harrington with Misty Sheehan, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Circle 'Round"

Stewardship Kick-Off - What is Stewardship? Luncheon & discussion to follow the service.

Sunday, February 16 - Lay-led Service, Mary Van Valin and Betsy Hammerberg, coordinators
10:30 Service: "Poetry and Music Service" - Multi-Generational Service

Celebrating Valentine's Day 2020!

Sunday, February 23 - Rev. Cathy Harrington with Amanda Mangiardi, coordinator
10:30 Service: "The Three Sacred Practices of Listening"

Listening to each other, listening to our lives, listening to our deepest selves can be transformational.
Are you ready?