Current Month Services

Religious Education - Children & Youth Programs

Pre-K - 5th grade and Youth (5th - 8th grade) programs are offered on Sunday mornings. Children in grade 5 may attend the program that is the best match for them. Nursery childcare for infants through age four is also provided. Due to our Safe Congregation policy, each classroom will have two adults working with the children and youth at all times.


July Theme -  Jazz and Joy! continues...

Sunday, July 7 - Karen Casebeer, Nancy Doughty, Amanda Mangiardi, coordinators
10:30 Service:  "A Tribute to Mary Oliver"

Beloved poet Mary Oliver has written poems that touch our hearts. She passed away this year and we will hold a service commemorating her amazing body of work which fills our hearts with joy.


Sunday, July 14 - Rev. Beth Marshall
Margaret Wozniak, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "A Principled Place to Begin" - Bring a Friend or Guest Sunday!

We seek faith communities at different points in our lives for a wide variety of reasons. This morning’s service will celebrate some of what guides us as well as what binds us together as a beloved community.


Sunday, July 21 - Rev. Beth Marshall
Mary Van Valin, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "Blessings and Benedictions"

This morning’s service is built upon a short blessing, taught by a dear mentor of Rev. Beth. Do not be misled by its simplicity.
It is a blessing to be.
It is a blessing to be here.
It is a blessing to be here, now.
It is a blessing to be here now, together.
This Sunday will be Rev. Beth’s last service at UUCGT. We are grateful for her presence at UUCGT and wish her blessed journeys.


Sunday, July 28 - Rev. Jane Lippert
Hal Gurian, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "Willingness to be Astonished"

We heartily celebrate beginnings - baby showers, weddings and birthdays. What about endings? What about death? Paying attention to endings as a process rather than an event can bring great meaning. Our lives are enriched when we cultivate a willingness to be astonished.



August Theme -  Jazz and Joy! continues...

Sunday, August 4 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Hal Gurian, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "The Power of We"

What does this theme for the UUA 2019 General Assembly mean to us? How do we live our values on a larger scale, and join with other UU congregations to live into the aspirational vision of a just world?


Sunday, August 11 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Amanda Mangiardi, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "Our Chosen Faith"

Unitarian Universalism has been called a heretical faith, a label many of us accept with pride and humor. This sermon will offer a balance of UU history, humor, and hope.


Sunday, August 18 - Andi Kramer and Mark Gustafson, coordinators
10:30 Service:  "How We Tell Stories"

This service will be about the importance of plot and endings in stories and why they affect us the way they do. Is there a message in this for Unitarians?


Sunday, August 25 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Amanda Mangiardi, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "Bread for the Journey"

Change is inevitable. This sermon is an exploration into the wonder of life and the unexpected events that lead us to new experiences that can offer unlimited reward and joy.