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 October Theme:  A Few Civics Lessons Before November’s Elections


Sunday, October 7 - Margaret Wozniak, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  “Religious Freedom at the Time of the Founding Fathers”
Imagine the religious atmosphere in the colonies prior to the Revolution, then learn how the Founding Fathers overcame that atmosphere with the help of reason and science coming from the Enlightenment.  We will concentrate on Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and hear their voices.

Sunday, October 14 - Hal Gurian, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  “Two Ways of Listening:  Civil Discourse”
In our current political scene, name-calling and extreme partisanship are shaping our culture.  It wasn’t always like this.  How can we, as Unitarians, set an example of civil communication?


Sunday, October 21 - Andi Kramer, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  “Grassroots Action – The Faith of One Michigan Citizen”
All Congregation Service

Thanks to the faith of our Founding Fathers, we live in a nation of long-standing democracy.  However, many are frustrated by its current form and neglect to vote.  Cari Noga, a member of Voters, Not Politicians, will share her story of re-engagement as we approach Election Day.  Also appearing will be Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, stressing UU’s second source, words and deeds of prophetic women and men.


Sunday, October 28 - Kat Norman, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  “Samhain – Honoring Our Ancestors”
“We are our grandmothers’ prayers, and we are our grandfathers’ dreamings.  We are the breath of our ancestors…”  Ysaye M. Barnwell

This is our annual service when we remember our ancestors of the blood, of the heart, and of the spirit – honoring the lives of those who have touched us.  Members of all ages are invited to bring a photo or memento of those who have gone before us to help co-create our setting.



 November Theme:  Social Justice and the Election

Sunday, November 4 - Donna Stein-Harris, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  “Social Justice and the Election”


Sunday, November 11 - Margaret Wozniak, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  Speaker, Rev. Jane Lippert
Topic TBD


Sunday, November 18 - No Service at UUCGT
11:00 Service at Gilbert Lodge, Twin Lakes Park, 6800 N. Long Lake Road
Join the UU Congregation for a short service and our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Feast! 
Watch for more details.


Sunday, November 25 - Max Old Bear, Coordinator
10:30 Service:  TBD