Current Month Services

Religious Education - Children & Youth Programs

Pre-K - 5th grade and Youth (5th - 8th grade) programs are offered on Sunday mornings. Children in grade 5 may attend the program that is the best match for them. Nursery childcare for infants through age four is also provided. Due to our Safe Congregation policy, each classroom will have two adults working with the children and youth at all times.



September Theme -  Community and Connections

Sunday, September 1 - Lay-led Service
Hal Gurian and Margaret Wozniak, coordinators
10:30 Service: "Why We Work"

A look at work as a means of personal fulfillment and work as a gift of self.


Sunday, September 8 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Amanda Mangiardi, coordinator
10:30 Service:  "Welcome Back Sunday & Water Communion"

Join us for a most cherished UUCGT tradition: Resumption Sunday! Beloved hymns and inspirational readings to start our new program year off right! This year's Resumption Sunday Service will also include a Water Communion - Remember to bring a small amount of water from a special adventure over the last year!


Sunday, September 15 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Pam Hendrick, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Something to Believe In"

This is an introductory sermon so that you can know who I am, what led me to ministry and ultimately to UUCGT and you.


Sunday, September 22 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Karen Casebeer, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Holy Heresy"

The Unitarians and the Universalists historically have been labeled "heretics." It's true, we are! But, what's holy about our heresy is not what we believe but how we believe.


Sunday, September 29 - Lay-led Service
Mary Van Valin, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Thriving - Alone and Together"

How does our life at UUCGT nudge us into living fully? Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
What would thriving as a community look like?



October Theme - Community & Connections (continued)

Sunday, October 6 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Richard Miller, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Blessing of the Animals"

Sunday, October 13 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Margaret Wozniak, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Rediscovering Prayer"

Sunday, October 20 - Lay-led Service
Hal Gurian, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Meditation and Chanting"

Sunday, October 27 - Rev. Cathy Harrington
Pam Hendrick, coordinator
10:30 Service: "Bearing Witness"