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Helpful Hints for Writing Letters to the Editor

Before you begin writing, think about the following:

    • What is the topic you would like to write about?
    • Who is the reader you hope to reach?
    • Why are you well suited to address this particular topic?
    • How can you attract your reader to be open to your point of view?
    • Why is your topic urgent?
    • How is your topic pertinent to local concerns?

A few tips:

    • Plan your first sentence carefully. Make it short and interesting. If you are able to allude to a news article or editorial in the paper addressed, your letter is more likely to be published. If you write to criticize, begin with a word of appreciation, agreement or praise.
    • Use caution in choosing overly emotional phrasing or “loaded words” that may prompt some readers to stop reading, especially if it’s a topic you’re very passionate about. 
    • Make sure your grammar is correct and your writing is error-free. When writing to an editor, paying attention to your language and words becomes extremely important.
    • Use the word “esteemed” for the newspaper. Also, tell them that you’re an avid reader of their newspaper (if you really are)
    • Be patient. Your letter may not appear for ten days, two weeks or even longer. Don’t be discouraged if it is not printed. The editor may have received too many letters on the same subject. Try again.

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The “How to Write a Letter to the Editor” section in this video begins at 19:30 into the video.  Click on LTE Truth Brigade Slides to see the slides from the presentation.

More informatiom on the Truth Brigade is available here.

Local Newspapers and How to Submit a Letter to the Editor:

Traverse City Record Eagle

Letters to the Editor are submitted via an online form at:

Or may be emailed to:

“The Record-Eagle welcomes letters on any topic of general community interest. Please limit your letters to 200 words or fewer. Political endorsement letters and election letters are limited to 100 words. All letters must contain the author’s full name and current town of residence, which will be published. A telephone number is needed for verification purposes, but it will not appear in the paper. A confirmation call does not guarantee the letter will be printed. Letters are subject to editing.”

Leelanau Enterprise

“The Leelanau Enterprise welcomes Letters to the Editor. All submitted letters must include the writer’s complete name, address, email address and telephone number for verification purposes. When faxed, mailed or hand delivered a signature also is required.

Letters to the Editor are accepted under the following guidelines:

    • Subject matter is timely and of interest to the public and wellbeing of Leelanau County.
    • Letters are limited to a maximum of 250 words.
    • Letters of thanks or congratulatory wishes related to a local person or event are limited to a maximum of 100 words.
    • We reserve the right to edit and to accept or reject any letter.
    • Letters should not contain personal attacks
    • Publication is limited to one letter per author per 30 days
    • All published letters will include the author’s name and city and state of residency
    • Deadline for letters is Monday, noon, for that week’s paper.
    • Letters are published on a space-available basis.

Political Letters. Letters to the Editor during an election cycle about candidates running for office or concerning ballot issues are subject to all standard Letters to the Editor guidelines, with the exception the word count being limited to a maximum of 100 words. Political letters should endorse the qualifications of a candidate, not attacking of an opposing candidate. Special deadlines for political letters will be published during each election cycle.

Readers Forum. The Enterprise also accepts submissions for Readers Forum. Forum submissions are limited to a maximum of 500 words and are accepted under the same guidelines that apply to Letters to the Editor. Please also include background information explaining the author’s involvement or expertise in the subject discussed. The Enterprise reserves the right to accept or reject any Forum submission.

Send letters to: Letters to the Editor, Leelanau Enterprise, 7200 E. Duck Lake Rd, Lake Leelanau, MI 49653 or email to

Northern Express

Letters to the Editor are submitted via an online form In which you upload your letter in Microsoft Word or PDF format: 

“Letters to the Editor Policy: Northern Express is a community-centered paper that covers local people, places, entertainment, and news. We invite letters to the editor that also address issues in northern Michigan, whether that’s local politics, changes in your community, art and education, or hot topics like housing, tourism, or the environment (just to name a few). If it touches northern Michigan, it is something we want to share. We also welcome letters “in conversation” with any stories, columns, and other letters published in Northern Express.

Letters must be civil, 300 words or fewer, and submitted no more than once per month per person. Letters will be edited for clarity, and letters or portions may be omitted due to space or issues with questionable facts/citations or privacy. We do not print letters that have been sent to or published in other media. To have your letter included, please provide your full name and city of residence in northern Michigan.”

Benzie Record Patriot

“Letters should be no more than 350 words and must contain the author’s first and last name, town of residence and a phone number for verification. Anonymous letters will not be published.

Published letters to the editor are also limited to one per author, per 30-day period.

Letters that are libelous, malicious, in bad taste, demonstrably false, contain conspiracy theories or those that make personal attacks on private or public figures will not be published.

The Record Patriot retains the right to edit all letters for length, clarity or style. 

Letters can be emailed to”

The Review (Covering Antrim and Kalkaska Counties)

Letters may be submitted online at:

Or via email to: 

“Letter Policy – The Review always welcomes letters to the editor relevant to any topic of general interest to our readers. All letters are subject to editing. The letters we prefer to publish are usually limited to no more than 300 words and express the writer’s view on a local, state or national issue or event, or are in response to a previously published letter. “Thank you” letters are generally discouraged and likely will not be published unless, in the opinion of the editor, there is a compelling element of broad public interest in doing so. All letters must contain the writer’s name and town of residence, both of which will be published. Each letter must also be signed, provide an address and telephone number which will only be used for verification purposes. Please email letters to by Friday at 5 p.m.”