Social Justice Action Focus for 2024:

Inspire, motivate, educate and challenge the UUCGT congregation to help local citizens vote in all 2024 elections and make a smooth transition to the next administration!


This is a list of non-partisan, non-profit organizations that have similar interests in turning out the vote.  Collaborating with them can help us achieve our goal.

The SALT Coalition

Spiritual Activists Leading Together (SALT) are spiritual organizers in the Grand Traverse region dismantling oppressive structures and building communities rooted in justice.  We follow the leadership of those most impacted, organize collective power for the common good and, build relationships, educate, pray and act.

One of the three main focuses of SALT is voting rights.  The Voting Our Values subgroup are “interfaith communities focused on increasing informed voter engagement to protect our democracy.”


Traverse Indivisible

Traverse Indivisible (TI) believes in respectful dialog, mutual support, and political action to further our ideal of effective and responsive government for all citizens.

Traverse Indivisible is a nonpartisan group that welcomes people of diverse political beliefs to address inequities and inequalities, protect our environment, and support democracy.  TI seeks to build groups in Grand Traverse County to create change in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, the collective constituent power that comes with working together as Indivisibles is essential.

TI is part of the national Indivisible movement and is a member of Braver Angels’ Braver Network, working together to bridge the partisan divide.

Braver Angels (National)

Americans on opposite sides of the political spectrum don’t only disagree on issues — they increasingly dislike one another. This growing partisan animosity is the crisis of our time and threatens our nation.

The mission of Braver Angels is to bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic.

Braver Angels MI:

Leelanau Indivisible 

Local groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the power that comes with working together. Action by action, day by day, group by group, Indivisibles are remaking our democracy.

We make calls. We attend meetings. We write letters. We show up. We organize. And through that work, we’ve built many mini-movements in support of our local values. And now, after practice, training, and repetition, we’ve built lasting power on our home turf and a collective political muscle ready to be exercised here in Leelanau County.

Learn more about the national organization of Indivisibles here.

League of Women Voters

Grand Traverse Area:

Leelanau County: 


The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit dedicated to empowering everyone to fully participate in our democracy. With active Leagues in all 50 states and more than 750 Leagues across the country, we engage in advocacy, education, litigation, and organizing to protect every American’s freedom to vote. 

Voters Not Politicians 

The Michigan Constitution of 1963 begins with the following words: “All political power is inherent in the people.”

Voters Not Politicians envisions a truly representative democracy, where the will of the voters drives government decision-making and public policy. We are a nonpartisan advocacy organization that works to strengthen democracy by engaging people across Michigan in effective citizen action.

Other Organizations Working Closely with Us:

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