Social Justice Action Team

The Social Justice Action Team engages and educates UUCGT members and friends on the what, where, when and why of critical social justice issues and activities. The Committee aims to be a resource to build and grow a dialogic culture at UUCGT and in the community at large, modeling the six sources of the UU tradition.

The goal is to nurture compassionate involvement in social justice in the UUCGT and beyond by:

    • Direct social service (direct assistance to those in need)
    • Education on social justice issues in light of our religious tradition
    • Social witness (making public the convictions of UUCGT on social justice issues)
    • Social action (organized efforts to influence policy and decision-makers)

      We’d love to have you join us and make a difference together

      (For more information contact a co-chair: Mike Radke or Janet Zerbel)

“The Prophetic Imperative: Social gospel in theory and practice” by Richard S. Gilbert

We recommend the following book for those interested:

“The Prophetic Imperative: Social gospel in theory and practice” by Richard S. Gilbert, Skinner House Books, 2000

As Unitarian Universalists of Grand Traverse, we believe that LOVE is the ultimate guiding force in our world. We believe we are all compelled to speak out against injustice.

Women's Day March 2020 photos

UUCGT supporting the Women’s Day March in Traverse City, October, 2020

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