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“Because I live an hour away from UUCGT, and with my work schedule, it has been impractical for me to participate in many church activities. The Soul Matters small group I have been a part of for the past three years has been a way for me to form deeper relationships with other UUs that go beyond the after-service fellowship time. I value the opportunity Soul Matters has given me to grow spirituality and in community. – Beth Strawbridge

Soul Matters: The Power of Small Groups

Researcher and author Brené Brown names belonging as an innate human desire to belong to something larger than ourselves. She describes true belonging as a “practice that requires us to be vulnerable,” intentionally seeking out those who are different from ourselves to listen, deeply, with curiosity rather than defensiveness.

The shallow, materialistic and frantic culture in which we swim often leaves us cut off from our deepest selves, from life’s gifts, and from needs greater than our own.

Many of us come to our UU congregations hungry to mend these frayed and torn sacred connections. Building this type of connection, of belonging, is precisely what UUCGT’s Soul Matters programming is designed to do.

Through individual exploration and through the shared practice of deep and disciplined listening, each of our Soul Matters formats hold sacred space for spiritual discernment so that we can build a more intentional and authentic life.

It’s all about belonging. Soul Matters is “a journey back to connection, and ultimately a journey back home.” To each other, to our lives, and our deepest selves.

“This group has given me opportunities to think more about my past and how that past has reintroduced me to the self I am today.” – Joan Sheard

2023-24 Soul Matters Groups

UUCGT offers Soul Matters programming in several formats. All of them focus on deepening connections utilizing a format of small facilitated groups intended to foster circles of trust and deep listening.

Groups walk together through a series of questions relating to the same monthly themes explored during Sunday services. Some groups meet via Zoom while other meet face-to-face. A few offer a hybrid approach.

Types of Soul Matters groups offered in 2023-24 include:

Soul Matters Small Groups 

Creativity Matters groups

UUCGT Men’s Group

Differences between formats center on the specific type of exploration undertaken by individual participants each month before they meet in their listening circles:

Soul Matters Small Groups focus on reflection and practice (walking with “your” question, hands-on trial of a particular spiritual practice in order to live the month’s theme) as the primary mode of individual exploration

Creativity Matters Groups focus on creativity as the primary mode of individual exploration

UUCGT Men’s Group focuses on reflection as the primary mode of individual exploration

You will find a more detailed description of each of these formats linked below.

Our 2023-24 Themes

Within an overarching framework of The Gifts of Our Faith, our monthly 2023-24 Soul Matters themes explore ten beloved UU values and their potential to shape us and in turn shape the world.

Journeying through the year together, we will consider:

How do these values offer us both challenge and comfort? What might it mean to place them at the center of our living and loving? What promise do they hold for us individually as well as collectively?

Chosen to align with the UUA’s Article II Commission’s work on of a new statement of UUA purposes and values, the 2023-24 themes are intended to support congregations in the sacred work of discerning which of our beloved UU values will best guide our faith as we engage today’s world.

Our 2023-24 themes are:

The Gift of…

September:  Welcome

October:  Heritage

November:  Generosity

December:  Mystery

January:  Liberating Love

February: Justice & Equity

March:  Transformation

April: Interdependence

May:  Pluralism

June:  Renewal

How to Get Involved:

*OUR 2023-24 groups are currently AT CAPACITY*

To inquire about new openings in ongoing groups or to be placed on our waitlist during other times of the year, please contact our interim contact Susan Lio at susanlio53@gmail.com.

To expand our capacity, UUCGT needs more trained facilitators.

Interested in training to become a facilitator? Reach out to interim contact Susan Lio at susanlio53@gmail.com!

Steps To Joining A Group

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