Steps To Joining A Group

First, we ask everyone interested in joining a Soul Matters group, whatever the format, to please read the short Soul Matters Participant Guide.

The guide explains in greater detail:

Purpose – Why join a Soul Matters group?

Approach – What makes Soul Matters different?

Process – How do meetings work?

View the Soul Matters Participant Guide.

Second, read the various format descriptions below, check

the sample packets, and select a format you are interested in joining.

Third, join a group.

  • Our UUCGT Men’s Group is open and ongoing throughout the year. See the description below for more information on how to participate.
  • Signups for Soul Matters Small Groups and Creativity Matters typically occur in August with groups beginning in September.

Notes: For all formats except the Men’s Group, we ask that our participants commit to participate regularly throughout the year to the best of their ability.

Each group establishes a group covenant that includes the promises, practices and behaviors that guide a group’s time together. (More about this covenant and samples can be found in the Participant’s Guide.)

The process for joining a Soul Matters Small Group or Creativity Matters group involves a conversation with the group facilitator. This conversation offers you a chance to learn more about the specific group as well as a chance ask any questions you might have about how the individual and group components function. In return, the facilitator will get to know you a bit better and learn about your hopes for participation.

Still have questions?

Please email our interim contact Susan Lio at!

Soul Matters/Creativity Matters Interest Survey