More About The UUCGT Men’s Group

UUCGT Men’s Group gatherings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in the UUCGT Social Hall.

This is an ongoing, open group that meets throughout the year, including the summer. As the group is open to any male-identified folks interested in attending, meetings vary in size.

Gatherings follow a modified Soul Matters small group format. Soul Matters packets are distributed at the beginning of each month as guides for our individual study and discernment and subsequent meeting discussions. At our gatherings, the sharing process is initiated by an individual who felt moved by one of the sections of the packets and wants to share their discernment.

There are no prescribed time limits for this. All participants listen deeply to this individual’s discernment. Following a pause of silence, others then take turns sharing their own discernments either triggered by the first discussion or by their own study of the various sections of the packet.

Our gathering therefore involves a free flowing give and take exchange as we all listen deeply, allow a brief period of silence as we evaluate our individual reactions and then individually share our thoughts and ideas. This develops into extremely rich inward and outward observations of our individual spirituality. Anyone can share their discernments or just listen deeply and grow within themselves.

For more information or monthly packet, contact Rick Walter at

Our souls matter in the men’s Soul Matters group…. New members are quickly engaged and welcomed. Each member brings to the conversation a rich perspective and unique set of experiences about family, career, trials and tribulations, joys and pleasures. I always leave with feelings of fulfillment, respect and appreciation, but also with something to think about trying or doing differently, even if it is just reinterpreting something of my own his-tory.” – Mike Radke