More About Soul Matters Small Groups

Our Soul Matters Small Group programming typically runs from September to June. Each group consist of up to 8 committed folks (including the trained facilitator) who meet for approximately two hours monthly.

At the beginning of each month, Soul Matters Small Group participants receive a packet of materials intended to help them engage in a process of individual exploration and spiritual discernment BEFORE they arrive at the group meeting. They select and complete one of the spiritual exercises and examine the list of questions to find the one question that “hooks” them (speaks to them and challenges them personally).

By the group meeting, participants will have already walked with that question for a couple of weeks, coming to their meeting not with an answer but a story about how their personally chosen question led them to deeper personal insight.

During the meeting, these insights are shared with the group through a structured deep and disciplined listening process intended to mend the thread of spiritual disconnection by inviting us to 1) listen to each other, 2) listen to our lives, and 3) listen to our deepest selves with the goal of fully experiencing the themes, not just analyzing them.

This process consists of two rounds that first offer each participant the chance to share a story about their experiences engaging the theme, and then offer the opportunity for each group members to share one personal insight or memory evoked by another’s sharing.

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