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All are welcome here! Every Individual has Inherent Worth and Dignity (The UU First Principle).  We have a mission to free minds, grow souls, and change the world. We are choosing the Way With Heart – Join us!

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Hover over this text module and click the black plus sign. When you hover you will see the black plus appear near the bottom of this block of text. 

Chose the text module and then click the gear icon to Edit or Style the text. 

Hover over the new text module and click the black plus sign to add another module below the text module.  You can add photos or anything else from the pop-up list.

You can also add another Row by clicking the Green plus icon below the text module (the same applies to adding rows below any module).

The structure of the page is set up with containers called Sections (the largest division of the page – blue color). Inside Sections are containers called Rows (green color).  Inside the Rows are Modules (black color).  Modules contain the actual content – text, images, ect.  This is similar to having a file cabinet, that contains folders and inside the folders are text documents… the content.