Susan Sherman MSD, Office Administrator



Susan has a diverse employment history in the legal, medical and hospitality fields, as well as in the arts and teaching.  She has been successful as a conference and workshop coordinator/facilitator, business organizer and administrator.  Together with her husband, they designed their home property of 277 acres as Michigan’s first Green Certified residential development.  Her most fulfilling occupation has been the privilege of being a mom to her daughter, Elizabeth who now lives in the Denver area.

Susan has been a hospice and crisis volunteer and completed a Master's degree in Spiritual Direction from a private seminary in 2009.  She has studied and continues to practice numerous natural healing modalities, and occasionally teaches online classes in spirituality.

Susan’s interests include connecting with nature, hiking and gardening, exploring natural health and energy healing as well as exploring an inner life spiritual practice, and she enjoys engaging with people.  She strives to keep her feet on the ground in the present and hope for the future of the world.

You can reach Susan via email at, or phone (231) 947-3117.