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Staff Appreciation Form

We, at UUCGT, have such a remarkable staff. They work so hard to keep everything we love moving forward, and so many of their efforts are unseen.
Here is a place that you may send them a small message. This can be something that you love about the congregation, so they know their efforts are seen. This could be a personal message to our staff. Let's let them know how much we appreciate them.

This message will go to all four of our wonderful staff members.

  • Susan Sherman ~ Office Administrator
  • Sheri Novak ~ Business Administrator
  • Sarah Montgomery-Richards ~ Director of Lifespan Education
  • Rabbi Chava Bahle ~ Spiritual Ministering Leader

Please note: If you have a concern or question about our congregation, please go about emailing the staff member directly. This form is in hopes of outpouring our appreciation for these wonderful people.