Volunteer Information

Our congregation is built on the gifts and talents of our members and friends.  With so many people, and so many gifts, sometimes it is easier to identify our needs first, then let you decide where you might like to help.  All positions on this page are Volunteer positions.  For each position that interests you, please contact the referenced person for that position, and you can discuss and decide if it is the right place for you.


Lifespan Experience / Religious Education (Youth)
Contact:  Sarah Montgomery-Richardsdle@uucgt.org
*Please Note:  Due to our UUCGT Safe Congregation Policy, we require LE Volunteers to go through Volunteer Screening.  (Included at bottom of this page)

  • Lifespan Experience (LE) Teaching Teams on Sunday Morning
    Time Commitment:  Full Sunday RE Year, September – May (approximately 1 Sunday a month)
    Description:  The Sunday RE teacher will lead a given age group through a prepared activity/lesson.  They will participate in Teacher Training to assist in their preparedness.  Expectations:  Each team will make their own calendar/schedule based on the calendars of the individuals on that team.  If a substitute is necessary, the TEAM will work from within their team to find a sub for themselves.  Each team will provide the Director of Lifespan Experience with a copy of their schedule and let her know about changes.  Teachers will make themselves familiar with the activity/lesson in advance, come prepared to teach, arrive at UUCGT no later than 10:10am on a Sunday morning.  Not only will they lead their class, but they will be responsible for picking up their classroom following class.
  • Friday Night Out
    Time Commitment:  Event occurs the 2nd Friday of each month – an individual need not commit to help every month, an occasional commitment is appreciated.  Volunteers arrive no later than 5:15pm and stay until the last child is picked up and the space is cleaned up (no later than 9:15pm).
    Description:  Friday Night Out is our childcare drop-in program.  Parents will drop children off, sign them in, and are expected to pick up their children no later than 9pm.  This volunteer will work with paid staff to supervise play, movies, and dinner.  Pizza is provided.
  • Assist with Meals and Snacks
    Time Commitment:  As Needed
    Description:  We are always in need of snacks for our Sunday classes.  Additionally, occasionally there are meetings after service during which we provide lunch for the children.  Occasionally we have dinners, lunches, other special events, etc. that we need assistance with.

Lifespan Experience (Adults)
Contact:  Sarah Montgomery-Richardsdle@uucgt.org

  • Teachers/Classes/Groups
    Time Commitment:  As your schedule allows
    Description:  We are always open to book discussion groups, topical classes (such a goddess studies, computers and technology, environmental issues, etc.), chalice circles, mom groups, etc.  If you have an idea, please reach out to us.

Membership Committee
Contact:  Chris or Rick Walter chris9709@sbcglobal.net

  • Membership Committee Team Member
    Time Commitment:  Roughly 1 meeting a month, assist on Sunday at Welcome Table or as a Greeter.
    Description:  Working with Team to plan and organize New Member Orientation, Welcome ceremonies, Sunday Greeters.
    Expectations:  Organizing with the team to encourage new membership.

Pledge Drive Committee
Contact:  Mike McDonald – m_mcdonald@charter.net

  • Pledge Drive Team Member
    Time Commitment:  Roughly 1 meeting or less a month, assisting with pledge drive which runs for 6 weeks.
    Description:  Working with Pledge Drive Committee and Chair to plan and organize our annual pledge drive.
    Expectations:  Organizing with your team to plan and run the Annual Pledge drive.

Policy Committee
Contact:  Gretchen Kronk – gretchzky@yahoo.com

  • Policy Team Member
    Time Commitment:  Meeting 1 – 2 times a month for 1 hour
    Description:  Working to reconstruct the policy manual, keeping in mind our interest in our policies is to have them grow organically to fit out congregation.  Once the structure of the policy manual is in place, organizing the requests from both committees and task forces to get policies that remain relevant to our mission.
    Expectations:  Work with team to think about the congregation, and build structure from within which we can grow.

Sunday Services Committee
Contact:  Hal Gurianhgurian1@gmail.com or Amanda Mangiardi – amangiardi@NMHSI.org

  • Membership Committee Team Member
    Time Commitment:  Monthly meeting, 15 minutes on Sunday mornings.
    Description:  Do you like to arrive at church early on Sunday?  You could help by taking a turn at making sure the hymnals are ready to be distributed as guests come through the door.

Staff Resources Committee
Contact:  Karl Love – karldlove@charter.net

  • Staff Resources Member
    Time Commitment:  Meeting 1 – 2 times a month for 1 hour
    Description:  Meeting to assure that our policies around employees, as well as our employees, to assure that we are a well rounded and well regarded employer.
    Expectations:  Work with team to think about the employees of the congregation, and deal with some of the harder decisions to assist them.


Additional UUCGT Volunteer Committees


Art & Exhibitions
Barbara McClellan, Chair

Committee On Ministry
Chris Innes, Chair

Community Needs
Liz Bruning, Chair

Congregational Care Team
Joanie Jackson, Co-Chair
Pat Light, Co-Chair

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans – CUUPS
Sarah Montgomery-Richards

Maura Brennan, Chair

Facilities Management
Dave Halsted, Chair

Mike McDonald, Chair

Green Sanctuary
Mary VanValin

Sandra & Mike McDonald

Sandra McDonald, Chair

Leadership Development
Tom Darnton, Chair

Bonnie Mathias, Chair

Memorial Garden
Richard Miller, Chair

Memorial Services
Lauren Keinath, Co-Chair
Sandra McDonald, Co-Chair

Music Committee
Bob Hicks, Chair

Nurturing Families
Sarah Montgomery-Richards

Safe Congregation
Ann Marie Love, Chair

Social Justice Action
Emmy Lou Cholak
Paula Jo Kemler

Tuesday Community Lunch
Mary Kiner

Wednesday Night Suppers
Sandra McDonald, Chair


Do you have a gift you would like to share that is not listed?  Do you have need of a volunteer on your committee?  Contact the UUCGT office at 231-947-3117, or office@uucgt.org.


“Religious Education Volunteer Screening” from the UUCGT Safe Congregation Policy:

      1. All volunteers who will work with children or youth under the auspices of UUCGT, whether the children are part of the UUCGT community or not, must apply to be a volunteer and then sign the Religious Education (Teacher) Contract (see attached).
      2. General Guidelines:
        1. Volunteers must have been active church participants for six months.
        2. Youth advisers must be at least 25 years of age.
        3. Either child care workers must be at least 18 years old, or, if younger teens are employed, the event planner must provide adult supervision for the teens.  Supervising adult/s must be screened in the same way as other volunteers.
        4. All volunteers and drivers must fill out an application form.
        5. All volunteers and drivers will be screened through the Department of Human Services and the church insurance company.
        6. Any applicant found to be a registered sex offender will not be allowed to volunteer with children or youth.
        7. Any applicant who has been required to surrender a license to teach, or practice therapy or medicine of any kind with children or youth, with cause, will not be allowed to volunteer with children or youth.