Social Justice Action Focus for 2024:

Inspire, motivate, educate and challenge the UUCGT congregation to help local citizens vote in all 2024 elections and make a smooth transition to the next administration!

First, find out who represents you.   

Target your message to the representative(s) that can take action to promote your cause.

The League of Women Voters has a great site to identify your representative and provides a way to contact them.  Click here to go to the Find Your Elected Officials site.

Then, compose your message

Take your time to compose your message.  Especially for the higher offices, you may find that you will be asked to fill out an online form that includes your message.  In this case you will want to be able to paste your carefully worded message.  Therefore compose your message in a word processor so you can easily copy and paste.

A few suggestions:

    • Start with the action you would like the representative to take.
    • Follow that with supporting evidence of why this is a good idea.
    • If possible, include a brief personal story about why this is important to you.
    • Keep it as concise as possible while still conveying the important information.
    • Conclude with a sumarizing sentence.
    • Proofread, Proofread and Proofread.  Bad spelling or grammer decrease your credibility.

Below are requests to write letters to representatives:

Ask your Michigan elected officials to support community solar!

Our Community Solar outreach is getting attention (and appreciation)!  If you have not yet done so, take a moment and send an email to Representatives Betsy Coffia or John Roth and John Damoose urging them to move the bipartisan Community Solar bills forward.  You can use this resource to help craft your email.

Ask your Michigan elected officials to support community solar!


Community solar is an efficient and innovative tool that expands the opportunity for small businesses, churches, schools, government buildings, and households in communities all over Michigan to access clean energy.

Last year, legislation was introduced in Michigan that would pave the way for community solar development projects limited to 5 megawatts. Bills were introduced in the House and Senate with bipartisan support.

They need your help to move these bills forward! Please use this tool to write to your State Representative and State Senator in support of community solar legislation and then email us to let us know you took this action,

Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Michigan supports this legislation because it would:

  • Give people who rent, those whose homes are not suitable for a solar installation, and those who cannot afford the upfront investment, a chance to access this clean energy.
  • Help lower grid costs for all ratepayers.
  • Increase grid reliability and resilience.
  • Offer stable lease revenue for farmers and landowners, especially on under-performing portions of farmland and on brownfield sites.
  • Lead to increased property tax revenue for local jurisdictions.
  • Benefit human health when it replaces energy from burning fossil fuels.
  • Create jobs for the Michigan residents who would develop the projects.
  • Reduce the need to import energy sources (such as coal) from out of state.

You can find more details here.